BERLIN - 2009

Bottles bottles bottles with tasty German beer!

Chocolate pastries and cakes in abundance, following
the old German tradition.

A dog sculpted almost entirely of white chocolate, a shot taken through the window of a cafeteria in Schön- eberg,  a district located to the south of the city center.

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The city of no limits, where anything goes!

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When we went on a regular boat cruise along some of Berlin's many canals, we passed under a bridge with this stone carved figure gazing sourly into the distance.

On our second residency of Berlin we found that prices of accommodation had suddenly shot straight up the ladder this having to do with the marathon games about to begin at any moment, these also involving roller skates as you can see with this image.

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Near our hotel in Kurfurstendam, we happened to come across a band playing really good Balkan music.

One of many statues in verdigris lining the lanes of the Tier garten.

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While this is one of those heavenly floral arrangements one can find hanging down from one of many balconies in Schöneberg.

Near Hackescher markt in the eastern part of the city we strolled upon these beautiful sculptures featuring metallic girls and boys seated on a concrete ledge above the canal.

The breath taking "New Synagogue" of Berlin, built in 1859–1866 on Oranienburger street in true Moorish style.

To the left lies the Berliner Dom housing a
spectacular  historical  museum in its interior.

So now we've come to the end of this little
`beer trip´ of ours and once again....'s time to move on!

And when we finally manage to lay that missing piece of the puzzle we enter the last leg of our journey where we will be traveling with the Berlin night express to Sassnitz, then by ferry across the southern Baltic sea back to Sweden.

And here are two Swedes having a good time sharing a couple of "pilsners" together!

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Hm, don't ask me to explain whoever these characters are! But we just happened to pop into a gallery in Hackescher markt in the eastern part of Berlin where there was a verni- sage attracting all sorts of elements from the artistic aristocracy, the jet setters and beyond. Not that Carina and I found the paintings on display in this gallery all that exciting, but some of the visitors certainly aroused our attention in their more or less dashing transvestite outfits!

Busts of Laural and Hardy bidding you welcome to tonight's cabaret or maybe to a café in this, the greatest of towns!

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In what was formerly East Berlin we payed notice to quite a few open air restaurants and venues within parks where folks were either dining, drinking or just casually biding their time. In spite of this city being a major European metropolis, the atmosphere seemed so nice and calm, with no stress or panic anywhere, at least as far as we could tell.

The mighty TV tower at Alexander platz.

This is Carina and me enjoying the late sun after a meal at an African outdoors restaurant in Schöneberg.

Grunewald street in Schöneberg, Berlin.

Anyone can tell this shy couple is madly in love but the question is if their affection will ever draw them any nearer?

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As we drifted along with our canal boat excursion, delight- ful city surroundings opened up one after the other.

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Standing on `Unter den linden´ facing Brandenburger tor. All around are spectators eagerly anticipating the pending marathon games and the festivities surrounding them.

Photo taken through a shop window in Kurfurstendam where electric model trains such as Märklin and Fleischman are being marketed, this image showing you a miniature replica of a local train station somewhere in Germany.

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Heading into the Hauptbahn hof, which is the main railway station built in many levels with train lines running on top of one another, it's almost like finding a needle in a haystack trying to work out which platform is ours.

By this time our backpacks are more than full of not only the usual traveler's paraphernalia but also with exotic East European hard liquor, while our hearts are aglow with all the wonderful things we've experienced for the last month or so; even though we had our share of bad luck from time to time, but who doesn't! It's all part of the game of TRAVELING!

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