Part 1
  The blue mosque

A tribute to the Moody Blues

CD - MMP 481 A/B/C

Forty different bands and artists participate in a set of three CDs released by the Italian prog label Mellow records in 2005. ITL contributed with their  interpretation of the song Cities, which in 1967 was featured as the flip side to the legendary Moody blues single Nights in white satin.

ONE WORLD TAPESTRY was released in 2007 by MUSEA and  was initially a project aimed at helping to collect funds for the victims of the devastating Tsunami disaster in late 2004, this feat managed by Australian disc jockey Andrew Holborn. In the labyrinth contributed with a track called Karakoram Pass, which is  the resulted combination of two spliced together instrumentals from their first CD The garden of mysteries.

In 2003, In the labyrinth took part of The Vegetable man project, which was a compilation comprised of 40 different bands and artists turning out their own versions of the long lost terminated Pink floyd single 'Vegetable man', each of these interpretations lasting for only 10 seconds each while being hooked together in one long, seamless daisy chain. This album was released by Oggetti volanti non identificati on a single sided 33 RPM 10" vinyl.


The ITL song Muscarin madness (taken from the 2002 album 'Dryad') appeared in 2012 on a Trail records sampler called Five years in space 2007 - 2012, covering a large section of this innovative label's catalog up till then. Likewise in 2014, another ITL track called Over the wall, retrieved from the 1999 CD album 'Walking on clouds', was featured as part of another sampler given the title Space travel 2007 -2014, both of these albums portraying a significantly experimental line up of songs by bands and artists from all over the world.

Psychedelic Sweden
PSYCHEDELIC SWEDEN is an album covering a few of Peter Lindahl´s home made, psychedelic recordings which he made around the early seventies and beyond, with the ex- ception of some of these tracks cut in more recent years. His younger brother Niklas is also present as song writer and musician in various places.

And this is what an earlier, slightly shorter version of PSYCHEDELIC SWEDEN looked like after British producer Fran Aschroft had added his signature to it by mastering the basic recordings. However, not only that but he also fixed this lovely cover art, on which Peter and his friends are captured playing out in the open at one of the legendary Gärdet festivals of the early 70s.  

RÖKSTENEN -A tribute to Swedish rock of the 70's. In 2009, this triple CD box was compiled together by  Collosus magazine in collaboration with Musea.  It boasted 40 modern versions of both well known but also lesser known Swedish vintage rock songs, among which In the labyrinth had the honor to deliver their version of Handgjort's song Worlds on fire, an otherworldly instrumental with clear references to India, written in the early 70s by band leader Greg Fitzpatrick.