part 2

Bojnice castle in all its splendor.

Here are some more photos of Bardejov in  north  eastern Slovakia, this one showing a part of the mural fortifications which have been declared as a world heritage site.

The lovely old museum of icons at the southern end of
 the square.

So now our next stop on going westward by bus through Slovakia was to be the fascinating little village of Bojnice where one of Europe's most enchanting castles sits so immaculately on a travertine hill at the end of the local main street.

On entering the castle on a guided tour (unfortunately held exclusively in Slovakian), the first thing we laid our eyes on was this clay model of the palace itself.

A wild boar gave its life once upon a time to this very special rag.

One of the finest rooms boasting a carved ceiling all embellished in gold.

On top of a deep well in the courtyard stands this triumphant figure.

            Your royal highness            And prince Peter!
                Queen Carina!

Me trying on my new Slovakian sandals on a grassy slope near our hostel.

Between  Bojnice zoo and the castle, these birds of pray were being displayed to the tourists passing by.

A red flamingo at Bojnice zoo.

Coral fish in the aquarium of Bojnice zoo.

And of course God was smiling down on us during our visit of Bojnice making sure our experience wouldn not go without a few East European thunderstorms!

And here are  some colourful burgher houses by Bardejov square.

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After nearly missing out on our dinner because everything closes in Slovakia at precisely 6 o'clock, we found the bus station and traveled the remaining 2½ hours back to Poprad. On doing so we left behind one of the prettiest little towns we've ever had the chance to visit, with its meandering stone walls, its polychromatic burgher houses and cobbled lanes, promising ourselves (with fingers crossed) that one day we will come back again.

Bojnice castle, the most fairy tale like palace I have ever seen in my entire life, here captured in the misty light of the late evening.

Me resting for a while in an archway of the royal grounds.

Staircases and doorways undoubtedly reminding of the court of King Arthur and the knights of the round table.

Similar ornamentation on one of many wooden doors.

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Carina posing inside the cave that lies beneath the very basement of the castle.

A simply amazing creation, isn't it!

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View from Bojnice facing Prievidza, which is the neigh- boring municipal down below.

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If the owl made a "woo" now and then the volume was nothing compared with the shrieks of this domesticated Golden eagle, claimed to be the biggest eagle in the world. 

An Australian emu inspecting our camera lens at close range while probably thinking "Krikie, I feel like a flat out lizard today with none of me old cobbers around and not even a couple of decent `blow the broth off's´ to cool me down with!"

This was the main attraction of the zoo on both our visits during those few days, an orangutan mother with her fluffy, little baby.

The billowy puff clouds towered all around drawing my attention now and then with the low rumbling of distant thunder, which helped enhance the magical, almost mythological atmosphere of this old region.

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