Angkor wat

Tuk tuk driver

Our private tuk tuk driver, with me in the back seat clasping on to one of my crutches as we fly over pot holes along the way to the next leg of our adventure.

Pre Rup

Pre Rup was to steep for me to climb with my one crutch and a sore foot slowly recovering after the accident I had in Bangkok.

Entrance to Angkor Thom

There are four different entrances leading into Angkor Thom and well inside there are lots of interesting ex- cavation sites and crumbling old temples hidden inside or along the fringes of the deep forest.

King of leper

Don't pick on me if you please!

stairs with one crutch

Up we go and down we go...

  Elephant statues   

"Are these elephants for real?"

Banteay Kdei

Crumbling walls and weakening pillars at Banteay Kdei

Now who is this silly tourist below, who can't even seem to be able to read the sign put out especially for him? I'm sure he doesn't have a legitimate life insurance either and that when he's done climbing he will probably need that crutch placed against the tree trunk before getting hurdled off to a hospital in Siem reap!

Desperate climber

Any resemblance with the author will unconditionally be denied!

The leper king

One of many Khmer warriors down at
the terrace of the Leper king

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Tourists in abundance, most of them nowadays coming from China but also various other Far-Eastern parts of the word.


One of thousands of dancing asparas.

Ta Som entrance

One of several gates at Ta Som, this one decorated with a similar type of rock carved face as those found at Prasat  Bayon.



Too steep

Not only I couldn't make this one, for quite evidently there were lots of both young and old tourists who were making a great effort of trying not to fall down those jagged e steps, which in ancient times were actually used on a daily basis by the King himself. Not from lazily being carried  up and down by his cunning servants but by effortlessly  taking the stride himself!

elephant statue

This must be a petrified elephant!

Leper king

And here is another example of what my friend Gary in Western Australia was so delighted about when he visited Angkor many years ago, namely the way in which the vegetable kingdom reclaims what man once created as things gradually dete- riorate, which in this case implies lichens etching  themselves in to the rock surface making this aspara look almost like con temporary art!


Hidden corridors and passage ways inside Ta Prohm.


A royal knight at Banteay Kdei

In front of Taj Mahal
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