Angkor wat

Floating village

The Tonle sap lake covers a huge area of central Cambodia, providing hundreds of surrounding villages and bigger towns with fresh fish although most fishermen are more active along the Tonle sap river heading on down towards Phnom penh. The lake also acts as a fresh water reserve, not as much closer to land but farther out towards the middle where it's not so polluted.

Sunset and thunderclouds

Thunder clouds in the sunset facing away from Angkor wat.

snake girl

It was quite unbearable at some points when one had to face the extreme poverty of local people trying to make a buck for a living in any possible way, such as this desperate mother and her young daughter.

Squid with Kampot pepper

Here is a plate of freshly caught squid with spicy Kampot green pepper before being devoured by yours truly in the lovely little town of Kampot in the south-eastern part of Cambodia quite near to the Vietnamese border. This town used to be a French colony, so there are many French villas in the center, but the famous Kampot pepper grows in the hills more to the east.

Broken down tuk tuk

This is where we took a tuk tuk ride along with some nice, young  tourists to visit a mysterious cave and the main kampot green pepper plants to the east. However, on our way there, the tattered old moped with its attached carriage unashamedly broke down so that we had to wait in the dust and heat on the side of the road until things had been (temporarily) mended.  Even though it wasn't a big deal but more of a laugh, to be honest!

Heavy freight

As we were waiting for our tuk tuk to be repaired on the side of that dusty road, these were the kind of vehicles we saw passing by, some of them so overloaded that it was simply unbelievable how any one could keep it all balanced on passing over all those bumps and pot holes, especially pertaining to those carrying their load on merely two wheels!

Boat to Phnom pehn

First we paced over the Tonle sap lake at a decent speed...

King's memorial

...where the Cambodian king had died just recently.

LISTEN to the mourning of the Cambodian people!

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Boy in a vestle

Among those rickety looking water dwellings on the Tonle sap lake, everything is either floating or built on stilts, while here and there children paddle about in their own tiny, little vessels, waving at tourists passing by.

Tonle sap sunset

One cruise took us out on the lake to, among other things, take snapshots of the setting sun while being served a sea food dinner with Angkor beer.


The trick is actually to charge a few dollars for heaving a huge snake onto ones shoulders, but each and every child seemed to already have at least one beast of pray put in place to assure they would earn a couple of dimes, which only goes to show how close to the edge these people live!

Pigs head in a market

It's no use being pig-headed in Cambodia, as this poor critter involuntarily found out!  But this photo was in fact shot on location in one of Kampot's food markets, where we were quite overwhelmed by the dirt, the smells  and the clamor of the establishment.

Crowded transportation

This is how Cambodian peasants and workers generally get to be transported, or alternatively get squashed inside a totally overloaded minibus. It costs almost nothing but the standards are also extremely basic, as any one can tell!


Cambodian musicians playing traditional Khmer music within the compounds of Angkor, a few of them having been dis- membered by detonated shells, a condition which is not all uncommon to citizens of Cambodia today.

 Burned feet
Then on our boat trip down to Phnom Pehn, we got pretty badly burned, apart from my feet of course!

Tonle sap river

...Then we kept traveling down what seemed like an endless amount of meandering rivers until we reached  Phnom Phen...


But in spite of this sad event, we didn't have trouble finding amusement for ourselves in this bustling, oriental city!

In front of Taj Mahal
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