Angkor wat

Cambodia part 5
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Plaque with Angkor motive

Ceramic plaque at Wat Phnom in Phnom pehn, resembling much of the art work at Angkor wat, in particular.

The King's' musicians

Royal performance at the royal palace.

LISTEN to similar music which I recorded in near proximity of the silver pagoda, next to the palace!

Cambodian meal

Cambodian food is not by far as spicy as that of Thailand, but it is nevertheless very exotic and exciting! Fruit is often involved, such as pineapple but also papaya and mango.

Phnom pehn castle

The royal palace of Phnom penh.

Dusk over Phnom penh

The city as seen from the river at dusk.


And still later...


Magic golden ligth over the Tonle sap river.

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Temple statue

Ceramic Godess inside Wat Phnom.

Dance performance

Traditional dance performance at a luxury
restaurant by the river side.

Note left by tourists

Comments left by tourists on a restaurant wall.

Silver pagoda

The silver pagoda is immensely popular and attracts tourists from near and far, just like the royal palace does, though at the time of our visit, the latter was closed off.

Boat cruise

To take a cruise on the river while the sun is sinking and the air is cooling down, is a treat for not only western tourists but also for holidaying or celebrating  Cambodians themselves.

Christmas in Phnom penh

Father Christmas seems to be everywhere,
 also in Cambodia!

In front of Taj Mahal
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