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Cambodia part 6
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vendors at Sihanoukville

Street vendors carrying loads of merchandise and various edibles on top of their heads at Ocheteaul beach, Sihanoukville which is a busy tourist resort  on the south coast of Cambodia.

lobster vendor

And on one evening we had a splurge on lobsters, which tasted really fine, grilled and marinated as they were in oriental spices. An unexpected luxury was that we didn't even have to peel them but just sit back and enjoy!

Kaoh Rong beach

The water was luke warm and the sandy beach which stretched on for miles on end looked clean and almost deserted, although there were tons of plastic bags and all sorts of junk  floating about in the water, which was a bit of a put off.

Carina at Otres beach

Carina and I did also hear about the more secluded and largely untouched Ortres beach just east of Ocheteaul and so we took a tuk tuk over there to enjoy one evening of peace and quiet as the sun went down.

Kampot town

To the far east, we camped for a few days in the beautiful small town of Kampot, which used to be a French colony in the old days and still beingl famous for its green pepper plantations, these being located some miles further to the east.


We bordered a tour which took us, among many other things, to the mysterious Phnom Sia caves on the way to Kep.

Man's best friend

At the green pepper plantations we were met with several repre- sentatives of what is defined as 'Man's best friend', this specimen taking on a particularly hungry look!


Fresh clams for sale at a market in Kampot.

Clams in chillie

Clams with Chile at the same market.

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vendor at Sihanoukville

There is no risk of ever being hungry with so much food being sold along this beach.


Along with a couple of Angkors they hit the soft spot and before you knew it we had ordered a second round of the same goodies!

Kaoh Rong beach

We also took a tour out to Kaoh rong sanloem, which is a paradise Island far out along the south-west coast.


And indeed, Gary would most likely have grumbled a bit about the on- slaught of organized tours soon to have its consequences on this virgin paradise!  


Wonderful golden gloamings over the ocean are a part of the romantic south coast experience, with fishing boats out on the distant horizon and an occasional cargo ship slowly slipping by.

Statue in Kep

Quite close to the Vietnamese border there is another small town called Kep, where Cambodians go for holidays swimming or just playing around in the water with all there clothes on or just walking up and down the beach enjoying each others company.


Inside one of the caves, looking up into the light.

Kampot pepper

Green pepper at the plantation which we went to, these also interspersed with cashew nuts, mango, papaya and various other edible plants.

Shrimps with chillie

Traditional Cambodian seafood with lots of Kampot pepper.

In front of Taj Mahal
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