Ko Chang sunset
 Part 2
Thailand 2012-13



Ko Chang sunset

This could have been the gloaming over the Tonle sap lake in Cambodia but it's really the sun setting over the Gulf of Thailand as seen from the western shore of Ko Chang. We payed this mountainous jungle-Island a visit on our trip this year (2013), still finding its wild, rugged nature most appealing although the rapidly expanding tourist industry had put a mark on it in various places, especially along the west coast which has turned more or less into a Thai replica of the European Riviera.
On our previous visit in 1993, Ko Chang was a secluded wild life sanctuary with small and isolated bungalow villages scattered along its shores and no more than muddy dirt tracks (looking more like landslides than anything else) taking us from one place to the other.
In those days there were giant butterflies and even bigger spiders and ant tracks running right through our living quarters, whereas now it seems only the geckos have survived in their numbers.

In front of Taj Mahal
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